Types of Plants 7 - 8 yrs

The best way to teach a child about anything is a story. With characters that they can relate to, or even issues that they can relate to.

  • Step 1

    Read a story written by Maximum Childhood

    The story "Types of plants" is an illustrated original story from Maximum Childhood. In the guise of a story about friendship, the properties and differences of the 5 types of plants are touched upon. In the end of the story is a glossary with terms to learn. Use the same with worksheets that have been created and compiled by the Maximum Childhood team.

    Use this book - it is a story with the facts with the necessary things to learn

  • Step 2

    test papers and work sheets

    As a parent, an important step is to check how much the child has grasped of his or her lessons. This is a set of questions compiled on this subject.