3D Origami 7 - 8 yrs

I was hunting for ideas for origami for my 6 year old son, for his origami contest at school. He wanted nothing but a prize winning entry. When I looked at 3D Origami pictures the first time, I thought that it was too complicated for a 6 year old child, in fact even an adult. But, when I searched for training videos, finally got the right videos and tried it myself, I realised it is more about meticulosity and patience. Making the basic modules is time taking and painful, but my 10 year old daughter enjoyed making those for her younger brother. A 6 year old would not be able to make as many modules as are required all by himself/herself though he would be able to master the skill of putting them together with a good mix of patience and enthusiasm. Once you have mastered the basic technique of making the basic block, and made the fish right, you would be able to copy most of the googled pics of 3D Origami, and teach them to your kids. This activity would surely enhance one’s motoring skills and creativity. Enjoy!