Division Basics 7 - 8 yrs

My mother taught me division through a story and exercise. She had 10 chocolates with her. Now she asked me to divide the chocolates between two people – my sister and I. She drew two circle and asked me to take the chocolates and put one chocolate in circle one and then another in circle 2, and then another round of the same process, until the chocolates were all gone and each circle had the same number of chocolates. She explained “divide” means “share” in this case. So when I have any question to do with division I remember it as “how do I share the given number between the number of people one needs to divide that among”. This helps me look at the concept and at word problems in a very different way. When you start teaching division to your child you should introduce division as being a sharing operation where objects are shared (or divided) into a number of groups of equal number. And move into more complex situations.

  • Step 1

    How to teach division to a child

    Read and follow

  • Step 2

    The idea of division

  • Step 3

    Division or Sharing

  • Step 4

    Animal Paddocks

    Animal Paddocks – give your child an A4 piece of paper which has been divided into different sized segments. Give your child plastic animals and ask them to place the animals into paddocks so that they each have the same amount of space. This is working on division as well as a lead into fractions. Dividing food is always a strong motivator. When cutting a birthday cake or slicing a pizza have children count the number of people and tell you how many pieces you will need for everyone to have an equal share. Pegging clothes – explain that you need help with hanging the washing. Each piece of clothing takes 2 pegs and you have 20 pegs – let them guess how many items they will be able to hang and then have a go! Alter this depending on how well they know their multiplication facts.

  • Step 5

    practice dividing into groups

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