Dinosaurs 7 - 8 yrs

Ever since Jurassic Park entered the scene, our experience of dinosaurs have moved from passive to active. And for children it is a world that is risky, fun. Animation movies with sweet dinosaurs, models of TRexes, etc have all contributed to that.

  • Step 1

    one dinosaur song

    What best to start off with than a dinosaur song. This is a funny song that children will relate to

  • Step 2

    National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

    The book from National Geographic collection for children is one of many books for children from National Geographic. The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic, with stunning illustrations by Franco Tempesta—who illustrated National Geographic Kids The Ultimate Dinopedia. Bursting with fun facts and age appropriate information, each spread features a different dinosaur, along with simple text in big type that is perfect for little kids. Young dino fans will love the interactivity included in every chapter, and parents will appreciate tips to help carry readers’ experience beyond the page.

  • Step 3

    Hand painting of Dinosaur

    Easy painting exercise

  • Step 4

    Digging for dinosaurs

    Using sand or even flour, you can create a digging experience. If you can also create a few dino fossils, it will make it even more exciting

  • Step 5

    Dinosaur breakout

    Instead of sand and flor, you could pretend that the dinosaurs were frozen in ice during the ice age. child have a lot of fun imagining

  • Step 6

    Dinosaur figures for many activities

    One can buy dinosaur figures for many activities

  • Step 7

    Make a Dinosaur Cave

    Follow instructions in the link to make a paper cache cave with dinosaurs. You can also experiment with your own ideas to make a model dino world of your own

  • Step 8

    Make fossils

    Follow the instructions in the link to make fossils

  • Step 9

    Walk the dinosaur

    Just to wrap up and have a little fun. A version that was used in ICE AGE 3.