Ones Tens Hundreds place value 5 - 6 yrs

Place value for hundreds builds on the already known concepts of tens and ones. It is important for the child to understand the significance of each number – it is not just a concept – it means or represents something real. I have searched a lot before finding the tools required to teach my child tens and ones and now hundreds. Activities, reading material and worksheets to practice will go a long way in this journey.

  • Step 1

    For parents

    Place value is perhaps the most fundamental concept imbedded in the elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum. Correctly solving problems that involve computation of whole and rational numbers is dependent upon understanding and expressing multi digit quantities. Read the article for the context in which to teach place value at home

  • Step 2

    explaining different approaches for place value

    Resource centre

  • Step 3

    From Wonderboxx

    The link connect you to the Wonderboxx site where there is one product that is absolutely perfect for teaching your young one tens, ones and hundreds. With grids and towers that resemble the practice questions that are done in class, it gives you an opportunity to use it to explain the number place values, addition, subtraction etc

  • Step 4

    CBSE worksheets for practice

    use like in school

  • Step 5

    Another worksheet

    Use it like in school for practice and home tests