Farm animals 3 - 4 yrs

This is the first step of a long journey for the child to understand animals. This touches upon farm animals with interactive exercises to keep the child engaged and involved.

  • Step 1

    Old McDonald

    Watch the video and practice the song alongwith the sounds that the animals make

  • Step 2

    Reaistic but small sized animal figures

    These animal figures come in many sizes - use large ones and stuffed animals for younger children and smaller figures for older children. Children can create farm and have the animals interact with each other

  • Step 3

    Old McDonalds

    A book to help create the atmosphere of the farm and use it as a bedtime story book

  • Step 4

    Make your own animals

    Craft actitivyt will involve the children and help them distinguish between the various animals even further. Using their hands, feet and paints these will create even more excitement.