Easter 4-8 yrs 5 - 6 yrs

Easter is celebrated with great glee by children. Explaining to the child the significance of Easter without losing the fun element takes a balancing act. Here is how I managed to do the same for my child.

  • Step 1

    web article for kids

    Read this quick kid friendly explanation to why Easter is celebrated. You might need to have a conversation about the life of Jesus Christ to support this explanation

  • Step 2

    Article on why do we have Easter eggs as part of Easter celebrations

    This link explains why is Easter celebrated with Easter eggs

  • Step 3

    Article on why eggs are painted during Easter

    Read the article and get ready for some activities to be done ny the child

  • Step 4

    Brand Cadbury's version of Easter and Easter eggs

    Intersting read by a brand children will be familiar with

  • Step 5

    Carrot footprint

    Craft to create involvement - experience and involvment

  • Step 6

    !5 Easter craft ideas

    Many more ideas