Word problems Addition 5 - 6 yrs

I taught my daughter about word problems with a story. I told her a story for her having 5 chocolates, and her papa then giving her 2 more. She had to tell me how many chocolates she had in all. While this worked to start with, what really helped is when I asked her to create a word problem for me to solve. This made her think of the problem, and the approach to the solution. And helped her understand the scenarios of word problems. Here are some of the other practice ways to doing this. Word problems are a test of the applications of maths processes. Reading word problems, understanding what they mean, interpret the data and be able to solve the problem is the beginning of a life journey. Here we start.

  • Step 1

    Workbook: Kumon Word Problems

    The way to start is through a simple set of problems with hints, and slowly removing the support scaffolding so that it becomes progressively more difficult. Practice at each level of difficulty makes it easy to progress. And the gradual increase of difficulty gives it an almost perceptible push to the child.

  • Step 2

    Work book: Word problems Grade II

    Simiiar to previous work book, the degree of difficulty increases with every passing lesson/ worksheet.

  • Step 3

    Solving word problems in three easy steps

    Watch theis video for a quick primer to the three steps of the word problems of beginners

  • Step 4

    Worksheet 1

    Please download the worksheets from this link and have the child practice

  • Step 5

    Video on basic subtraction problems

    This video explains the very basics of word problems related to subtraction. Explanation of the problem and hence the approach required.

  • Step 6

    Mixed addition and subtraction worksheets from K5 learn for grade 1

    These worksheets are mised addition and subtraction and to be used nce the child has mastered how to do the segregated addition and subtraction problems

  • Step 7

    Video on magic words for addition and subtraction

    There are few key words that are associated with certain kinds of problems. This video gives us a clue of words liek that. The child needs to understand the meaning of each word to be able to use them in the context of the word problem.