Countable and Uncountable Nouns 3 - 4 yrs

It’s important to distinguish between countable and uncountable nouns in English because their usage is different in regards to both determiners and verbs. For children this distinction is not as easy because of their limited exposure to various words and their uses. With the help of this course your child will learn about countable and uncountable nouns with the simple activities.

  • Step 1

    English Grammar: Noun, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs

    This app contains 6 different fun activities and 16 lessons. The first three lessons are activated. The remaining lessons can be activated with an in-app purchase. 1. Nouns 2. Verbs 3. Nouns and Verbs in Sentences 4. Proper Nouns 5. Pronouns ..etc.

  • Step 2

    YouTube Video Uncountable Nouns

    This video is only about uncountable nouns. It explains about uncountable in a very simple form

  • Step 3

    Espresso English: YouTube Video

    Espresso English is a video whish will help your child to identify the difference between countable nouns and uncountable nouns.

  • Step 4

    Countable and uncountable Nouns: YouTube Videos

    To help your child learn about countable and uncountable nouns watch this video with them and search for more examples from whatever countable and uncountable things are around you.

  • Step 5


    With her clever, rhyming text and dazzling pictures, bestselling author/illustrator Ruth Heller explores many intriguing kinds of nouns in this exciting addition to her unique and highly acclaimed series on language. A book that's as entertaining as it is educational. Full-color illustrations.

  • Step 6


    After doing all the above activities with your child ask your child to practice some worksheets to understand properly about countable and uncountable nouns