Vasant Panchami 7 - 8 yrs

Indians have their roots in various cultural activities celebrated by various communities and in different areas. In this fast moving technological advancement it is essential to keep the roots strong in our children. Hence the focus on every festival, some even irrespective of religion. Vasant Panchami is an important festival in certain parts of India and is closely associated with knowledge, studies and wisdom. araswati (Saara-swa-ti) is the Goddess of art, music, philosophy, creativity, wisdom and learning. She is the consort of Brahma. Does your little one know about Saraswati, the significance, the stories and her role in the “god world”. Making a 4 yr old understand the significance can make the festival more exciting.

  • Step 1

    Read about Saraswati and Puja

  • Step 2

    Saraswati Vandana - Main mantra

  • Step 3

    Comic - Saraswati Amar Chitra Katha

  • Step 4

    Book on Hindi Deities for children