Ramayan 3 - 4 yrs

Ramayan is one of our oldest books. The story is seen an epic. But the story can be confusing to a young one unless How does one teach a 3-5 yr old about a story like Ramayan having a king with 3 wives, a swayamvar, Sita getting kidnapped etc

  • Step 1

    ipad app Ramayan

  • Step 2

    Book - Amar Chitra Katha

  • Step 3

    Art and Craft: Ramayan Character art and craft activities

    Doing is a great way to internalize. The combination of activities from the ten headed ravan, to hand puppets etc any one or more mechanism could help take up the knowledge a couple of notches higher than earlier.

  • Step 4

    Article: stories about Ramayan

    This is a collection of many short stories from the Ramayan - smaller sub plots etc in the broad all encompassing narrative.

  • Step 5

    Book: Ama Tell me about the Ramayan

    Utterly simplified yet with al the basic - a book that the child can read herself. They will enjoy the easy read, the colourful illustrations.