Number basics 3 - 4 yrs

The knowledge of numbers is the basic information required to start the journey of numbers. It is important to understand the numbers and what they mean or represent.

  • Step 1

    Lunch Box App

    There are 7 different games that help your child learn about colors, counting, letters, differences and matching with a lovable monkey.

  • Step 2

    Writing Wizard App

    This mobile app is a best way to help your child understand and practice counting 1 to 10. there is a variety in this game which makes it easier for your child to comprehend and remember counting.

  • Step 3

    1234 Princess App

    This Mobile app helps your child learn basic counting, to identify number and to locate them, and also to sequence the numbers.

  • Step 4

    Busy Beavers YouTube Video

    While watching this video your child can speak the numbers with the character this will help your child learn 1 to 10 counting easily as it keeps repeating the counting with different things.

  • Step 5

    Book: Dinner at the Panda Palace

    With this counting book your child will learn the importance of counting in there daily life.

  • Step 6

    Book: This Jazz Man

    The tuneful text and vibrant illustrations bop, slide, and shimmy across the page as Satchmo plays one, Bojangles plays two . . . right on down the line to Charles Mingus, who plays nine, plucking strings that sound "divine." Easy on the ear and the eye, this playful introduction to nine jazz giants will teach children to count--and will give them every reason to get up and dance!

  • Step 7

    Pete the Cat And Four Groovy Buttons Activity

    This is a fun activity to get your kids excited about counting. With the help of this activity you can help child learn numbers easily and early.

  • Step 8

    Activity: Counting Caterpillar Busy Bag

    In this activity you can use colorful pom poms to help it get more attractive for your child to actively participate in the activity and have more fun while learning counting. It will also help your child to learn identifying colors.

  • Step 9


    As it is said practice makes perfect. So after doing some activities ask your child to do practice on some practice papers.

  • Step 10

    Activity: Rolling dice

    Rolling the dice and having the child identify the number is a great way to have the child recognise the value of the numbers