The cosmos and the stars 5 - 6 yrs

The sky, hence the sun, the moon, the stars are among the first few things seen by any child. And there are

  • Step 1

    Ipad app “Earth school”

    This app is appropriate for age 3+. This explains concepts of big bang, blackholes, comets etc

  • Step 2

    iOS app NASA

    This app needs to be explained to children until the age of 12yrs. This explains the basic concepts in the night sky.

  • Step 3

    Field trip to watch stars (trigger questions: how are stars formed, what is the milky way

    Planning a field trip: When. How. What to carry.

  • Step 4

    Youtube videos on how stars are made.

    The preamble to watching the video. The questions to be asked after watching the video. How would life be?

  • Step 5

    Leo’s pad iOS app

    This app as a game ensures the experience eof zero gravity, building a rocket etc.

  • Step 6

    Visit to the planetarium

    Planning the visit: When. How. What preamble to give.

  • Step 7

    Creating a star map

    Download the map from given link. Name the constellations. Colour the night sky.

  • Step 8

    Creating a Solar system

    This will help create a physical solar system

  • Step 9

    Book by Stephen and Lucy Hawkins: Geroge and the secret key to the universe

    The book is not easy to digest in one sitting. It is necessary for the book to be part of before sleep reading aloud to the child while doing the other activities during the say.