Subtraction Basics 3 - 4 yrs

How do you teach your child basics of subtraction? I thought a lot and I realized that the best way was for me to tell my daughter stories, or use something in her life. The first thing I did was have her count all her dolls and teddy bears. She had 4 dolls and 6 stuffed animals which she loved very much. She counted them and put them in a line. I then asked her to give me 3. She gave me three. I asked her, how many dolls did she have now. She counted them and told me 7. I then introduced the "-" minus sign. Whenever something is taken from another number, we call it subtraction. "taking away" = subtraction. Her association with the "taking away" also helped her later when she was solving word problems.

  • Step 1

    Monkey Math School Sunshine

    This is an IOS Application to teach children Basic Subtraction

  • Step 2

    Activity: Play Dough Subtraction Smash

    This activity will help your child learn subtraction with play dough.

  • Step 3

    YouTube Videos

  • Step 4

    Book: Pete The Cat and his Groovy Buttons

    Pete the Cat is wearing his favorite shirt—the one with the four totally groovy buttons. But when one falls off, does Pete cry? Goodness, no! He just keeps on singing his song—after all, what could be groovier than three groovy buttons? Count down with Pete in this rocking new story from the creators of the bestselling Pete the Cat books.

  • Step 5

    Pete The Cat Button Activity

    This a very simple activity to help your child learn taking away from the given number.

  • Step 6

    Activity: Lily Pad Math Subtraction

    Lily Pad Math Subtraction Activity helps your learn subtraction by using his fingers.

  • Step 7

    Activity: Lego Lower Tower Subtraction Race

    subtraction with lego will help your child learn subtraction while playing.

  • Step 8


    After your child is done with all the activities give him some practice papers to practice whatever he has learnt.