Noun Basics - yrs

Nouns are the first step to enter the world of grammar. The definition and the exercises go a long way in enabling the child to distinguish nouns from other words. This forms the basic course from which the more advanced notions of countable, uncountable, common and proper nouns can be progressed.

  • Step 1

    Activity: I Spy Nouns

    It is an activity to teach children what nouns are and differentiate between them while playing games.

  • Step 2

    Fairytales inspired common and proper noun

    Teaching about common nouns and proper nouns with fairytales. This will help your child learn about nouns in an easy way and to differentiate between common and proper nouns

  • Step 3

    YouTube Videos

    There are many interesting songs that tells about nouns and many more videos introducing about noun.

  • Step 4

    Activity: ABC Nouns

    Here are some activities or games that you can play with your child to teach them about nouns.

  • Step 5

    Book: A mink, A fink A skating Rink

    The best-selling Words Are Categorical series introduces young readers to different types of words through rhyming verse and illustrations of comical cartoon cats. Offering a lighthearted perspective, each title shows readers the fun and entertaining world of language

  • Step 6


    Here you will find some practice papers and worksheets to help your child to practice nouns.