Programming Basics 5 - 6 yrs

All over the world there is a focus on teaching everyone, especially young children to code. Think of it as a language based on logic that refines the child’s thinking and creativity. Many apps and softwares, a lot of them free, are available to make that happen

  • Step 1

    Lightbot app on the web, android and iOS

    Lightbot is a game that asks players to use programming logic to solve puzzles! Gain a practical understanding of basic coding concepts by guiding Lightbot to light up all the blue tiles in each level. Learn how to sequence instructions, write procedures, and utilize loops along the way in this self-guided activity. Great for all ages and all skill levels.

  • Step 2

    Tynker Programming on Web and Mobile

    Description Tynker is the easiest way for kids to learn programming. Play fun puzzles to learn the basics and then create your own amazing games using over 100 step-by-step coding tutorials. Great for Hour of Code! Additional puzzle sets available as in-app purchases.

  • Step 3

    Scratch Jr- A MIT initiative

    Scratch is a MIT initiative to help children learn programming via various visual programming methods. It has been used by many children all over the world. Scratch Jr is an even simpler version of the same for 5-7 yr old children.

  • Step 4

    App: Kids'n'Code

    This app is easy and progressively becomes more difficult. The child learns logic easily

  • Step 5

    Hopscotch: create your own games

    While many apps teach you to code with progressive set of tasks, hopscotch and scratch is about creating your own games. Use this after getting used to Tynker, lightbot and Kid'n'code

  • Step 6

    Hour of code: Theme FRozen

    This link is for visual programming with the theme of the movie "Frozen". Children, especially girls will enjoy this interaction. On, there are other themes like StarWars and Mionecraft

  • Step 7

    An article on resources

    Read this for more info on resources