Republic Day for 6 yr old 5 - 6 yrs

How do you teach a topic like Republic Day to a 6 yr old. How do you explain the word “republic”? Here is a simple way to do the job using terms all 6 yr old understand. I told my daughter to imagine a situation when she was free to do anything you want, but there are no rules, not only for herself, but everyone. Imagine a road where anyone can go where they want - there is chaos and a need for some rules. But these rules have to be agreed by everyone and created by them. Suppose all students had to come to school to learn and everyone came at different times, how difficult would it be. So some rules are made by the people in the school so that it serves the purpose of learning, but is workable by most people - students, parents, teachers etc. We followed up with a book on the Indian Constitution - this takes a little longer and I think is most appropriate when she is more grown up.

  • Step 1

    Book on the Indian Constitution

  • Step 2

    Understand the significance and increase association with the tricolour

    There are many crafty ideas in this link. Create as many as you can with your child