Living and Non Living 5 - 6 yrs

It is important to teach my kid about living and non-living things. Children live in their dream world as well as the real world. The doll that a girl might have might be treated as a person – but is it living or non-living. Is it living because it moves and talks. Or it stops or it jumps? How do you teach a child about why a plant or a horse is living but a ball is not or a doll is not. How do you ensure it does not interfere in his imagination even if he or she knows the facts?

  • Step 1

    Activity: Introduction to things once living

    This activity teaches your child about the things that were once living and later became non-living.

  • Step 2

    Book: Do you know which one grows by Tom Slaughter

    This book by Tom Slaughter helps your child differentiate between living and non-living things.

  • Step 3

    Book: Living Things By Adrienne Mason

    Adrienne Mason’s Living Things is a book containing different activities to teach children about Living and Non Living things.

  • Step 4

    Play Gazili Science Mobile app

    Gazilli Science App is a mobile application to introduce your child with Living and Non-living Things.

  • Step 5

    YouTube Video

    In this video your child learns about living and non-living things visually.

  • Step 6


    Here are some practice papers to help your child practice theoretically about everything he learned in living and non-living things.

  • Step 7

    Activity: Introduction to Living And Non-Living

    This is an activity to help your child learn the difference between Living and Non-Living.