Water cycle - the story of a drop of water - yrs

How does one explain the water cycle to a 7-8 yr old? Of course, there is the old way of explaining by showing the chart. I did something different. I told my son a story. The story is about a drop of water. The drop of water was part of the sea. Suddenly the drop felt very hot and was excited. It wanted to escape the sea. As the drop got heated, it rose up into the sky. It was really exciting to look down upon the sea. May such drops had risen up. They all gathered together and formed a cloud. the winds started moving the cloud up into the air. As more and more drops gathered, the cloud started getting heavy. Suddenly the cloud hit a mountain. The cloud could no longer hold each drop - it started raining. If there was no mountain or large group of trees, the cloud would not stop to rain. The water droplet now saw its journey back on the ground. It fell into a puddle. The puddle overran as more and more drops joined it. And soon all the water droplets were flowing in a stream, and into a river. The water droplet felt itself speeding down the mountain along with its other brothers. From flowing speedily to flowing slowly as the mountain became a flat ground. Suddenly the drop of water felt itself entering salty water. It was back at sea - back at home at last.