Multiplication tables 6,7,8,9 7 - 8 yrs

My child understood the concept of multiplication. And then she had to get to the problem of memorising the tables. Experts in this field say that there is no way out - you still have to memorise the tables. My child found it difficult to remember the 2nd half of the tables. She adopted the skip counting method to assist her in the 2 and 3s and even the 4s, but 6,7,8,9 stumped her. I searched a lot on how to help her. I stumbled upon this miraculous product called times tales. Each multiplication equation has a story. Numbers are characters. For example, the picture shows 7x8 = 28. The story goes like this: Mrs. Week (7) goes fishing sitting on a chair (4). She catches 2 boots and eight fish. The stories are told as videos. There are practice sessions on the video and there are practice sheets. These stories helped my child by triggering a story even time there was a multiplication problem. I have adapted this to more than what has been given and created even more stories.