Know your artist – Van Gogh 11 - 12 yrs

Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings inspires children with the freedom to express themselves. His style and his paintings are too well known to be ignored. This learning journey helps the child know more about his life and his paintings. You can do this and more.

  • Step 1


    There is a lovely song about Vincent Van Gogh - focusing on the painting "Starry night"

  • Step 2

    Lust for Life

    If the child can read this book, you can give him or her the book. Otherwise, you could read this book to provide a context of Vincent Van Gogh

  • Step 3

    Know your artist Van Gogh

    This book from Scholastic is more age appropriate

  • Step 4

    Another book

  • Step 5

    Know your art Van Gogh

    Here is a kit for the child to explore, and paint his or her version of the great masters

  • Step 6

    Practice the strokes

  • Step 7

    Katie and the starry night

    This book is about a girl who discovers Starry Night in a very new way

  • Step 8

    Children make mosaic painting with strips of paper

    Use strips of paper to create a version of starry night. Strips represent Vincent's painting strokes

  • Step 9

    Van Gogh's Chair

    Use the picture to prompt your little one create a Van Gogh chair of his or her own