EuroKids Vasant Kunj – The colour red 0 - 2 yrs

In this learning journey children are taught about themselves. They are made aware of themselves – first step is to recognise that they are boy or girl.

  • Step 1

    Make the car red - group activity

  • Step 2

    Association with red objects

    Associations with red objects around the class room and school building – red apple, strawberry, cherries, tomatoes, ball, cube, red car, rose,

  • Step 3

    Red pottery

    Children make a clay piggy bank and colour it red

  • Step 4

    Stories with red colour

    We have story telling with the main focus being the colour red

  • Step 5

    Work with red - craft and paper and painting and dabbing

    Children do a lot of activities with red colour: craft with red paper and paint, tear and paste with red coloured paper, sponge dabbing with red paint, finger painting, colouring with red paint