Place Value: Tens and Ones 5 - 6 yrs

It is stated in multiple articles that “place value” is perhaps the most fundamental concept imbedded in the elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum. Correctly solving problems that involve computation of whole and rational numbers is dependent upon understanding and expressing multidigit quantities. Place value systems are also termed positional systems because the value of a number is determined in part by the position or place it holds. In a decimal place value system, for example, each digit represents a group or base of 10. Place value “pertains to an understanding that the same numeral represents different amounts depending on which position it is in” (Charlesworth P. & Lind, 2003, pp. 308–309) These seemingly complex concepts have to made simple for the understanding of young children so that they understand and hence visualize what numbers mean.

  • Step 1

    Splash Math App

    Splash Math App is an application to teach basic level of mathematics. It is a best way to help your child practice place values.

  • Step 2

    Activity: Stomp it

    Teach your child place value while playing.

  • Step 3

    YouTube Videos

    Watch online videos with your child and teach them about place value and do the activities according to videos this will help your child learn place values fast.

  • Step 4

    Activity: Teaching Place Value

  • Step 5

    Activity: Place Value Task Card

    This set of 28 task cards gives students practice with writing the standard, expanded and word forms of larger numbers, as well as determining the value of digits within the numbers. Simply print, laminate and cut for an independent or group math center. Contains numbers from the thousands through to the millions.

  • Step 6


    After doing activities and watching videos tell them to practice them on some worksheets to learn place value.

  • Step 7

    Games to practice tens

    Games to play at home to practice tens and ones