The founders have received education from Top Institutions including IIM A, with over 50 Years of combined Professional Work Experience in Global Companies, Entrepreneurship and that of Parenting.

Our Founders

Lira Priyadarsani

MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 1993 is just one of her achievements. She has worked extensively in business strategy, marketing and communication in organizations like Tech Mahindra, MasterCard, Leo Burnet, Young & Rubican and Grey Advertising to mention a few. She has worked on various brands and categories.

With the responsibility of rearing a daughter now 6 yrs old, she has scoured the internet for the best ways to teach her daughter concepts about the world around us. This had to be done keeping the long term in mind, making learning fun and interactive. She figured the best way to teach her child is to ask other parents, and from deep research of the internet for resources like apps, videos etc which schools may not always use. Maximum Childhood is a passion to ensure parents share their learnings with each other and mothers’ efforts are recognized.

Robin Sawan

With over 25 years of experience in trainings, HR interventions, IT delivery and even recruitment, Robin brings all this and more to this initiative. Having trained over 100,000 people from ages 6-70yrs, Robin practices what others just preach – a keen listening ear, concept clarity and ability to simplify the most complicated concepts to everyday language that even a child can understand. Maximum Childhood is a passion of the heart for Robin.