A child only spends about 1/6th of her time in school. While the schools aspire to give the best and uniform education to all the children, the role of parents in shaping the child’s experience of childhood, learning and future success is decisive. Hence the responsibility of how the child grows up and learns falls on the parents.

Parents know that the way they have been brought up is not effective for their children. They deal with all this in various ways. Indian parents, in particular, now just send their children to various hobby classes like dance, music, drawing and/or a sport. Indian parents also send their children for coaching classes; an Assocham study states that over 87.5% of primary school children, and 95% of high school children in metros go for coaching classes. This is a global phenomenon, especially in India and the Far East; Over 70% of Korean and Japanese children also go for coaching classes.

Parents are sure that all this is enough or not, but many of them are not aware of anything else. Most parents are unaware of the various education apps that prompt self learning of children, supplemented by other activities like, reading, projects, watching relevant videos or going on field trips.

It takes knowledge and awareness of required sources to almost “create” a learning journey to help the child learn more about the world. This will help the children more about the world that they live in, how it works, and also help develop the critical skills required for the future.

Maximum Childhood is a platform for parents to share their ideas on the creation of learning journeys on various topics be it the planets, or germination or even the underwater world. The platform becomes a central resource for parents to enable their children to learn various things in an interesting manner, across a period of time – not pressured by exams. And the child then flourishes.