Using Maximum Childhood

A great way to start using Maximum Childhood is to search for what you want among the learning journeys created and shared by parents. We are new and it is possible that many parents have not yet shared their learning journeys.

For this you could use the search box on the home page or in the menu above. You can search by topics names and the results will pop up on a page with Name and description of the learning journey, along with a picture that helps you distinguish between similar sounding names. The journeys show up as cards – each card shows the name, the number of people liking/ following the course and the star rating given by the instructor. If you click on any learning journey previewed as a card, you can see the entire journey.

A learning journey typically comprises various kinds of activities from mobile apps to art and craft and even practice worksheets. You can join the course by clicking on the heart icon. You can then access the same on your profile and would not need to look for it again. For saving anything for revisiting again you need to sign up and create a profile.

You can create your own learning journey for your child, save it for yourself or share it with other parents.

All you have to do is log in and click on the “create journey” option in the top menu. You have to follow the step by step instructions for you to create the journey.

  • Name: While creating the name it will help other parents if you mention either the grade or the age of the child for whom this will be beneficial.
  • Description: This will help you define the end objective of the learning journey. And you can evaluate if you have achieved this with your journey.
  • Instructor Rating: The instructor rating is a mechanism for anyone creating a learning journey to do a self rating. We will also add a parent rating eventually.
  • Skill Rating: This is a set of ratings that help parents identify which kind of skill would be impacted because of the various activities. As per age and topic the need and hence the activities contributing to these skills would change. Hence there is no wrong or right rating in this.
  • Activity: The crux of each learning journey is the set of activities. The activities make or break a learning journey.

Many times, parents subconsciously or even unconsciously approach teaching their child through a series of steps. The effort in Maximum Childhood is to make this more organized. So whichever blog or article, or video or app or anything else you find online that you would like to refer to while teaching a child a particular topic. you can save all of them as you would want. You can change the order in which these activities ought to be implemented. You can save the activity set in the offline mode for yourself or you could publish them for all to see.

For your easy use, no field is compulsory, but it will help you to remember the context in which you might have added a note or link.

The best way to use Maximum Childhood is to create a profile for yourself and your children. You can save learning journeys that you could want to refer to by pressing the “heart” on the journey.

Check on your learning journeys: by clicking on “courses” on small menu on your profile. You could see all your created courses and the ones that you are taking i.e. saving for your own use.

The way to use it even better is to call your friends and fellow parents into Maximum Childhood and create one or more groups to discuss your children’s learnings and learning journeys.

Invite your friends into groups and discuss various learning journeys and the like

Wishing you a happy journey in Maximum Childhood. In case of any issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at